Do Case Study Questions Modify the Case Study Scenario?



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    Richard, this is an interesting question. I had a moment of hesitation on this as well during my test.   

    In my experience with the one test I took so far, the case study and the questions on that case study all seem to discuss the same context and given facts, and work together to build an overall picture of that single situation, rather than each question creating a series of sub-scenarios. If I'm right about this, and you get lucky, another question within the case study might give you a hint in to answering a question you're stuck on. I think that's what happened to me. 

    On the one test I took off so far, for example, Question 3 of the case study questions made me think differently about the way Question 1 was worded. I concluded that its all one situation, and the questions are all testing your understanding of what is happening in that single context. So I went back and revised my answer to Question 1 now that I had this new way of thinking about the question. (If I'm wrong about this I'd love to know NCARB).   

    Either way, I feel like the best strategy within the case study is to quickly skim the supporting info to get an idea what you have to work with, then read all the case study questions and note the information each question wants you to retrieve. So for example, question 1 wants to know billable rates of your staff, question 3 wants to know about overhead costs at the office, etc. Then go through and actually answer the questions one by one, and I bet as you look for info on question 1, you'll stumble on info you need for question 3, 5, etc. Make a quick note where that info is as you go, so you can go right back to it when you're ready for that question. In this way you'll hopefully save time not re-reading the same info over and over because you had tunnel vision looking for the info about question 1 and just totally ignored info that could've helped you on 2 other questions. Hope this helps!  

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    Michelle NCARB

    Richard and Shawn,

    Within a case study, each question stands on its own.  They don't modify the scenario or build on each other.  It's possible that a question might make you rethink some aspect of the case study, so that you want to revisit a different question, but the questions are all designed to be answered independently.

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    Thanks Michelle. Sounds like I was a definitely wrong in my interpretation of these case studies. So Richard, I guess the way you seemed to be leaning is right. Good to know. Thanks for asking that Richard! I don't think it made much difference on my last one but that assumption could definitely have gotten me in trouble in subsequent tests, or at least made me over think things trying to draw conclusions where I shouldn't.

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    Monica Sanga

    I recently had this issue as well with a case study sq ft calculations. One question modified sqft and another question asked for a calculation on sqft. I was very confused and changed my answer 3-4 times before coming to the same conclusion as Shawn. Good to know for future exams! 

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