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    Patrick Zimmerman

    I'm also confused as to how there can be an objective that focuses on specifications but the handbook does not list CSI MasterFormat as a reference for the PDD exam. The answer for sample question 8 in the PDD section even specifically references CSI MasterFormat. According to the matrix in the handbook, CSI MasterFormat is only a reference for the CE exam. Can this be addressed?


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    Michelle NCARB

    Hi Patrick,

    The References listed in the ARE 5.0 Handbook are the most commonly used references by item writers for those divisions, but that doesn't mean they can't be helpful in other divisions, too!  The objectives come directly from the test specification and accurately reflect the content of the exam.  Thanks for your feedback about references that might be missing from the list.

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    Albert Caiati

    Patrick, If I may, If you look over either the Ballast or Kaplan guides from 4.0, you will find answers to many of the questions regarding specification, the sections and more importantly the types written - (i.e. perspective, performance, proprietary, etc.) the material is all there. I think you'll see most of all the 5.0 questions/material are not much different from the 4.0 questions/material. 

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    Patrick Zimmerman

    Thanks Allbert, I am aware of the material and am familiar with it since I took the CDS exam in 4.0. I am just pointing out that it seems nearly impossible to be able to answer questions regarding specs and general conditions of the contract without studying CSI MasterFormat and AIA-A201, and that it seems to me to be a big oversight that those documents are not in the matrix of reference material for the PDD exam in the 5.0 handbook.

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    Jonathan Chertok

    another old but important post. anyone still testing or receiving alerts? if so, what is the takeaway here? study A201 or is there additional material you need to study for PDD.

    also, i have ballast for 5.0 and 4.0. can i be assured that studying the PDD chapter in ballast 5.0 covers this material or do i need to study other chapters in ballast?

    i do realize i can chunk through the ballast indexes and try to correlate this information but there is already a lot of information to correlate...


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