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    Kevin Griendling

    Hi Charles,

    These are incredibly valuable lectures on the AIA contracts, mostly because of the real life examples he uses throughout. Many professionally produced resources will graft in some commentary and try to clarify a few points, but I would bet none are quite as vivid as these. And they all have similar lectures in one way or another.

    I would go so far as to label them as essential study tools.

    On a similar note, my Project Management course on Pluralsight has about 2 1/2 hours of a read through of all ARE 5.0 contracts with commentary. In my content, I try to read through more actual contract provisions that I think support the real life example type lectures and comment on their practical application. It is less vivid, but more thorough. I would suggest using them both.

    At the time of this reply, my course is scheduled to publish 1-2 weeks from now, roughly January 20-23rd.

    Best of luck and use those lectures!

    Kevin Griendling, AIA

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    Tyler Duncan

    Would you recommend listening to all of the Schiff Hardin lectures? 

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    Chelsea Hoffman

    I would definitely recommend listening to the lectures on A201 and B101. It’s helpful to have the contracts printed out so you can annotate as you listen. I don’t think all the lectures are necessary to listen to, but they can still be a good supplemental tool if you need to break up reading and whatnot. I think I listened to a few more on contract law, breach of contract, and liability.

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