Question about NCARB sample exam - Truss Construction Drawing



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    Shariq Ishaque

    Hi Yafei,

    1. To my understanding and in my experience, the RCP only reflects interior ceilings (coffers, clouds, details, etc.). The RCP typically never references the trusses at all, therefore the spacing is not relevant nor does it affect the RCP in any way. The RCP would be affected by the larger bottom chords had they not said "truss bearing elevation will not be affected" -- if the bearing elevation was affected, ceiling heights on the RCP would need to be revised due to the larger bottom chord. However, since they have explicitly stated that truss bearing elevations are not affected, the larger bottom chords pay no significance to the RCP.

    2. In this case, although the bearing elevation will not be affected, the exterior elevation still changes as the truss heel has increased from (8") to (12"). The exterior elevation will have (4") of extra "meat". In other words, the bearing point remains the same but due to that additional (4"), the roof line/exterior elevation changes.

    Hope this helps!

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    Kara Zhang

    I think the key word of this question is "heel height". 

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