ARE Update: NCARB Announces New ESL Testing Accommodations



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    Kawai Yam

    Ncarb - Appreciate your commitment to this. However, you guys should really listen first. 
    The problem is not ESL people can't understand your questions. I found many native English-speaking people also have problems understanding your questions in the first place, with all the tricky wordings or Grammarly's incorrect non-sense questions. 
    I don't know if Ncarb has any ESL people on the board of directors making this decision. 
    You can also refer to other public exams - like driving test in other languages. Many people actually found it easier to understand in English, not in their own languages. 
    "word-to-word translation dictionary" will not help. Because a lot of terms just cannot translate directly. Specially when it comes to technical terms in PPD PDD.  
    When you don't understand a question, you just don't understand no matter how much time you give more to the exam. Unless you have more clear info in that questions. 
    Imagining your kid stuck in a cave, that kid won't un-stuck himself unless someone gives him some help. 
    For a better solution- you guys should write better questions-less subjective-more clear-easier to understand-focus on how to make us a great architect-not how to trick us to continue paying this rabbit hole. 

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