ARE Update: Improvements to the Calculator and Whiteboard




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    NCARB (Edited )

    Hey Everyone,

    Here is a list of all buttons included on the new calculator as well as a description of each. We plan to include this resource in the next update to the ARE Guidelines.

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    Christine Mann

    Clearly NCARB is not listening. We did not want "improvements" to the digital whiteboard, we want pencil and paper! The digital whiteboard, no matter how many "improvements" will never come close to the ability to think through a problem by the action of putting pencil to paper.

    We are humans. Not robots. We have been solving problems this way for 1000s of years. Its in our DNA. Please do not oppress us any longer by acting like a digital whiteboard will ever allow us to demonstrate our competency at solving these problems.

    And if the digital whiteboard "improvements" are what is now on the practice software, it is no better than before. I come to the library every day to practice with this software thinking eventually I will get the hang of it, but I wont, because I am a human being.

    And this software is still glitchy as hell. Please listen to us.

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    Martha Martinez

    Yes, clearly NCARB is not listening. Promoting lack of capabilities to use  paper and pencil is already creating real bad architecture. To pose a problem on paper is faster and more efficient. can NCARB make it  a choice?

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