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    Patrick Smith

    Why is the answer for the case study parking spaces 1,250?  A previous question specified that the event space would be reduced to 4,000 seats.  My answer was 1,000 spaces at 1 space per 4 seats per the zoning ordinance.  Do the case study questions not build off of the previous questions?  Or are we to treat every CS question individually?

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    Alvaro Briganti

    What is the answer to the first question?

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    Case study questions do not build on each other, so evaluate and answer each question independently of other questions. 


    The answer to the first question is 1.4.


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    Christine Mann

    Case study 1: question about which spaces must be on "ground" floor.

    Which program spaces must be located on the
    ground floor? Check the three that apply.

    So confusing that they appear to differentiate "ground" floor from "1st floor" when here in the US, they are 1 in the same. The spaces they put on the "first" floor are the wrong answers.

    RATIONALE: The Program Elements resource includes
    a list of required spaces, spatial characteristics, and
    adjacency requirements.

    According to the resource,
    Loading/Staging requires direct access to the Main Event
    Space and General Building Storage, making the ground
    floor the most appropriate location for these spaces.

    Placing the Athletic Locker Rooms on the ground floor
    fulfills the programs requirement of allowing athletes
    easy access to the athletic court.

    The Main Entry and
    Hospitality Room require a connection to the Main
    Concourse, making the first floor the appropriate
    location for both spaces.

    Guest Services/Information
    should be located adjacent to the Main Entry per the
    program requirements.

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