Digital Whiteboard Replacing Physical Scratch Paper




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    Alvaro Briganti

    It is a foolish decision on the part of NCARB to implement this even for those who are testing on-site. It shows the cognitive dissonance on NCARB's part, as well as he disconnect to the actual profession. I hope you listen to the comments on the blog and the petition being signed, so that we may at least have scratch paper at the testing centers. 

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    Gin Ma

    I took Division 5 PDD with digital whiteboard.  I have to agree with just about everyone else that the digital whiteboard is not a viable tool.  It didn't affect me too much because there's little calculations required in this section.

    But, if I had to use digital whiteboard on any of the other divisions, I would not be very happy at all.  I understand the need for this for online proctored exams, perhaps.  NCARB really ought to consider allowing for physical scratch paper for in-person testing.  Then, folks will have a choice.  In your attempt to treat everyone equally, you've actually discriminated against a large portion of candidates.

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    Jeannette Namen

    I recently took Division 1. I understand why paper and pencil were replaced by a digital whiteboard. However, when we study to prepare for the exams, we do it with paper and pencil. It was a struggle for me using the whiteboard and it clearly affected my timing. I really wish they would allow the use of pencil and paper again and soon.

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    Antonio Ribeiro Cardoso

    Can we get some further explanation on this decision? Pen and paper are essential to the profession and much more efficient at taking notes than a clunky digital interface. I think this unilateral decision is silly and will not contribute to helping a process already filled with hurdles. 

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    Caroline Meyer

    How are you going to control for consistency when the digital whiteboard is prone to glitches and people's technical comfort varies?

    Because the calculator tool also happens to be functionally limited, I ended up making a bunch of text boxes to keep track of calculations.  I happen to have a tremor that makes fine motor control difficult and painful, especially when it comes to high stress environments; I expect others have somewhat similar experiences, and I've never thought I should have to ask for special treatment (ie *paper*) for something like that.

    Why not allow for both to really ensure that everyone's being treated fairly?  And why not ensure that proprietary tools are user-friendly before trotting them out... one option is to have the whiteboard be a separate page that can be flipped to, rather than a window that obscures the screen when the calculator is also in use.

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