How to Transition to ARE 5.0




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    Sang Hee Lee


    Even though several notice, I transitioned to ARE5.0 by mistake.

    I wasn't careful to read ncarb notice. I misunderstood transition as use of transition calculator.

    I didn't know about the meaning of transition actually. The meaning of transition is to change NCARB exam environment of each NCARB member. I didn't know that is very strong function.

    I passed Schematic Design and Structural System in ARE4.0. After transition to ARE5.0, I can not get waive of any of exam. I throwed away my two passed exams and a tons of time and huge money.

    This is a most despairing disaster in my life.

    I strongly insist that CANCELLATION of self-transition to ARE5.0 must be possible during a certain period after transition for person like me.

    I will wait a positive answer from NCARB officer.


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    Joan NCARB

    Sang Hee,

    I've reached out to Customer Service and asked them to get in touch with you.  

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