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    Stephanie Waples

    Ryan and other NCARB folks,

    I have been waiting for the past three days for a response from NCARB regarding my eligibility. I had my university send my transcript to NCARB back on January 10th. Theoretically, you should have received it by now. My NCARB record is still not showing any verification of my education, so I can't receive my eligibility to test yet. I've been trying to get confirmation from NCARB that the transcript was received, in case the university needs to send it again. They told me to allow 15 business days, and I was hoping to take advantage of the early testing incentives that are guaranteed through the end of February. If I get delayed much longer, I don't think I will be able to do that due to test centers filling up. 

    Any chance someone can look into this and at least tell me that the process is underway?



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    Joan NCARB

    Hi Stephanie,

    I checked with Customer Service.  They just received your transcript and have a turnaround time for processing of 5 business days.  You can always reach out to them directly at 202-879-0520 or at customerservice@ncarb.org.  

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    Stephanie Waples

    Thanks for checking that out for me, Joan!

    I just wanted to make sure it at least made it to you guys... I'd much rather wait 5 days than an additional 15 for a second one to make it there. 


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