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    Roger Hansen

    Has anyone had an experience with provisional feedback where the official result ended up different than the provisional result? Either provisional Pass ends up an official Fail or vice-versa?

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    Tiona Martin (Edited )

    I took an exam on Thursday. My provisional feedback said I passed. I got notification that I passed yesterday. I think it is a nice addition.  Although it states that it isn't an official result.  

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    Nick NCARB (Edited )

    Hi Roger,

    Good question! As stated in the article above, this feedback that you are provided at the end of your exam is fully accurate. Only in extreme cases would a score report differ from the provisional feedback. You can read more about provisional feedback on the NCARB Blog.

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    Mikhail Byhovski (Edited )

    "Only in extreme cases, forensic analysis may lead to the official score report being held or invalidated after further investigation."

    So in other words, I suppose unless there's evidence of misconduct revealed after the test then the "provisional" feedback is basically the result. I just got a pass on my last exam (provisionally) so I sure hope it's "fully accurate" as it says in this article.

    I have to say, as a candidate I do really appreciate this new feature of the exams. However, I wish it would just say something like "you have passed unless there is evidence of misconduct". I don't know, "likely passed" just doesn't seem that certain, on a psychological level. I remember my LEED exam just gave the official score report right away without the "provisional" stuff, not sure why the ARE can't be the same way.

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    Tamer Gergis

    I totally agree with Mikhail Byhovski

    Nick NCARB or Ryan NCARB,

    The "Provisional Feedback" states that the the feedback is based on a "preliminary analysis ONLY," and then you state above that "feedback provided at the test center is FULLY ACCURATE but not official, because the results have not yet undergone further statistical analysis." This is a little confusing and contradicting.

    NCARB should consider either confirming the result or sending it officially later; the statement "not yet undergone further statistical analysis" means that the "official result" might be different than the provisional feedback after undergoing further statistical analysis.

    I just finished my PcM and I felt I did good enough; but, I got the "Provisional Feedback" stating that I will likely fail this division."

    Based on the above understanding I look forward to receiving the "official result," and hoping that after "undergoing the further statistical analysis," I shall "pass."

    Let us know your thoughts and comments on the above.


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    Ryan NCARB

    Hey Mikhail,

    The official result is your score report.  That is typically available in your NCARB Record by the next day.

    And between you and me, the chances of a provisional score and an official score being different are almost slim to none.  The way they would be is if something popped up based on security concerns, cheating, item harvesting, etc.  If that is the case, then the tester likely has bigger issues than a "fail."

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    Christina Fu

    So sad. If that is true, then I failed PjM today and I need to grieve and keep studying.


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    Luis Vargas

    Yep I just most likely fail PPD and the only irregularity is that i did not take my 15 min break. I am sure i get points for not resting! Haha!

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