ARE 5.0 Handbook Updated! (August 2017)




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    Sarah Wolbert (Edited )

    I just took the demo exam online and the program kicked me out. is there a way for me to access my completed demo exam so I can compare with the rationale for the answers that were in that version?

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    Nick NCARB

    Hey Prithwiraj,

    They are fixed. You will see the same 20 questions each time you launch the exam.

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    Prithwiraj Ghosh Roy


    Does the demo exam pull from a set of questions or are they fixed?

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    Alicia Liebel

    Thank you for all of your careful work on this document. This resource, in my opinion, is far more helpful and useful than what is available for 4.0.

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    Nick NCARB

    Hey Sarah,

    The demo exam is unscored, and it does not allow you to access a completed exam. Remember, you can take the demo exam as many times as you need, so feel free to relaunch the demo exam and compare your answers to the ARE 5.0 Handbook prior to clicking the "End Exam" button. 

    Good luck as you continue to prepare for your exam!

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